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Service Comparison AOL EarthLink MSN
Monthly Access Cost $11.95 $14.95* $23.90 ** $21.95** $21.95**
NetZero Saves You Up to 58% Up to 37% - - -
Account Features
Download in under 5 minutes Yes Yes No No No
Personalized Email Address Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Based Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content-Rich Startpage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Storage 1GB 2GB 100MB## 100MB## 2GB####
5x Faster Surfing No Yes Yes4 Yes5 Yes6
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†Speed reference based upon comparison to nationally available dial-up ISPs, set at maximum acceleration. NetZero HiSpeed does not increase the transmission speed of files or attachments, including music or video. More Details and Limitations.
  1. = Requires V.92 access number, V.92 modem, compatible modem-on-hold software and call waiting service. V.92 access numbers not available in all NetZero service areas.
  2. = AOL 8.0 provides a call alert service that indicates a call is incoming for an additional charge of $3.95 per month.
  3. = MSN 8.0 provides a call alert service that indicates a call is incoming at no additional charge.
  4. = AOL ® accelerated surfing requires AOL 9.0 software or later.
  5. = EarthLink accelerated surfing requires EarthLink Total Access Software 2003 or later.
  6. = MSN accelerated surfing requires MSN 9 software or later.
* Please note that, depending on the numbers you choose, your location, and your calling plan, you may incur long distance or toll charges in excess of your local service charges on your telephone bill. For a list of access numbers and their locations, click here. To find out whether or not you will incur any charges, and if so, the amounts of such charges, please contact your local telephone company. Live telephone technical support is available for a fee of $25 per incident. You are responsible for all telephone charges and any technical support charges incurred even during any free, trial or discounted periods. You will be charged the applicable subscription fees unless you cancel your service before the end of any free or trial periods. To cancel your service, please call 1-800-638-9376. NetZero reserves the right to impose hourly usage limitations. See Terms of Service for details. Service not available in all areas. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are in United States dollars. Not all viruses can be detected or cleaned. As described in the terms of service, you are responsible for any damages caused by your decision to download email or attachments.
# References to AOL®, EarthLink, Yahoo, and MSN pricing and savings amounts based on U.S. standard monthly rates for standard versions of service as of 07/15/2009. Competitors may offer prepaid packages that may reduce the amount of savings. AOL®, EarthLink and MSN are trademarks of their respective owners.
## 100MB for each of 7 email addresses/account
### 100 MB for each of 8 email addresses/account
#### 2GB for each of 11 email addresses/account